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What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is a virtual medium of exchange for transnational payment transactions, which is being generated and jointly administered by all the partaking clients of the decentralized Bitcoin network and has already been brought to life in the year 2009. Thereby, it is the first and most widely spread, publicly traded, digital currency. Like other cryptocurrencies too, Bitcoins are being created through the use of cryptographic mathematical equations that are resolved by computers under high computational cost. A double SHA256 hash function is used for Bitcoin. The difficulty level of the calculation can be adjusted and regulated by the entire Bitcoin network at all times.

For more information on Bitcoin, we recommend the following Wiki:

Connect2001 and Bitcoin

Our company has been committed to support Bitcoin, and we accept Bitcoin for any reason like payment. We are working to build a better future based on fair trading where we find the Bitcoin to a good solution.

You can now use it to pay for:

  • Games
  • In-game items
  • Software products
  • Hardware products